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Corporate Events Venue VA, Greater DC Area, Frederick MD

With a history of planning and hosting high-quality corporate events, Smokey Glen Farm offers services and activities essential to a successful corporate event, including design, management, and foodservice. Smokey Glen Farm can be your next corporate event venue for an event in the MD, VA, and DC areas. Whether you’re planning for an employee picnic or seek the value of a corporate team-building event at affordable pricing, Smokey Glen can tailor events to your needs. 

Our experienced corporate event planners collaborate with your management team and bring together trending designs, themes, and an exciting menu that can satisfy your staff at, all at an amazing value. Once approved, we spring into action to take care of coordinating venues and food menus. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy while we transform your vision into reality by planning the perfect business event.

What Do We Offer?

Our team of experienced and innovative event planners can assist you with creative corporate events ideas. Leverage our expertise in corporate event and equip your next event with services such as:

  • Fun & Engaging Games

Looking for an event venue with exciting games? Experts at Smokey Glen Farm can make your company event successful in Frederick MD, Greater DC area, or VA. We offer a number of outdoor games offered including volleyball, softball, miniature golf, ball crawl, horseshoe pits, table tennis, and more. 

  • Exciting & Adventurous Activities

Make your team happy with exciting and adventurous activities such as ziplining, rock climbing, cooking, pony rides, dunk tank, team-building activities, and more. 

  • Amazing Food

We believe that food lies at the core of any event and if you want to enjoy the huge vistas of rolling hills, hardwood forests, and other exciting things in our facilities across MD, VA, and Greater DC area, you need to try our signature foods. We serve delicacies for all tastes.

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